Goatboy here with a mean 40K 10th Edition Bully Boyz detachment from the new Ork Codex. This list loves to “double Waaagh”!

I like the new 10th Edition Codex: Orks enough to really contemplate trying to build up an army to be ready for the Dallas GW event that is coming in May.  This means building a ton of the models I have on sprue, but it is really something I am thinking about.  Thus, the following Ork Armylist tries to build a bunch of little pressure units designed to love the “double Waaagh” of the Bully Boyz detachment.

Meet the Ork Bully Boyz

The Bully Boyz Detachments claim to fame is the ability to have two Waaaghs, with the second one only affecting Nobz, Meganobz, and Warboss keyword units.  This is a pretty important thing as a lot of characters that can join units have the Warboss keyword which makes generating a ton of value for having two Waaaghs.  It also lets me build up and paint a bunch of little gangs of models that hang out with their characters on the tabletop.

The Ork codex does a lot of shifts to Dataslates and their points in the book.  I get the feeling the points for units that aren’t changing are staying with those that match up in the App, but all the new stuff feels pretty close to what I expect.  Squighog Boyz changed a lot, with the Nob now being a part of the unit.  It is the same with the Squigosaur Beastboss, that now can join the unit and took a hit to its overall power.  I’m making this Bully Boyz list using the Codex points for now. I hope the updated points are as forgiving or at least match up with what we currently are working with.

Oh, and I got a Ghaz I painted up that needs to show up in an army, dang it!

Ork Bully Boyz Double Waaagh!

Orks Detachment: Bully Boyz



Ghazghkull Thraka – 235pts (Warlord)

Beastboss on Squigosaur – 130pts (Matching book points)

Deffkilla Wartrike – 80pts (Matching current points)


Warboss on Warbike – 75pts (Matching current points)

Warboss – Da Biggest Boss – 80pts (Matching current points)

Painboy – 70pts (Matching current points)]

Beastboss – 80pts (Matching book points)


Ork Boyz X 20 – X 170pts (Matching current points)


Beastsnagga Boyz X 20 – 210pts (Points both match up)


Deffkoptas X 3 – 100pts (Matching book points)

Squighog Boyz X 6 w/2 Nobz – 300pts (Matching book points)

Warbikers X 6 – 140pts (Matching current points)


Meganobz X 6 – Powerklaw, Combi-Weapon – 180pts (Points both match up)

Nobz on Warbikes X 3 – 125pts (Matching current points)

PTS: 1975  (this gives me a lot of room in case things shift around hopefully)

Ork Bully Boyz Tactics

This is a hot mess of a Highlander list that tries to throw in a ton of “mini-Deathstar-like” things.  I think the Deffkoptas could shift to Kommandos with Snikrot if it feels like I need more tricks.  His new dataslate update is pretty spicy and this gives me some fun mid board advantage.  I still like Deffkoptas though just as a shooting option the army doesn’t have a ton of.  You can see how we build the following units of nonsense.

  • Giant Squighog unit that sits at 9 models with Warboss Keyword
  • Warbikers unti with 7 models and Warboss Keyword
  • Meganobz have Ghaz and his friends to go be a pain in the butt.  It just seems like a rough unit to get rid of.
  • The Nobz of Warbikes will also get Double Waagh due to the FW Warboss on bike have the Warboss Keyword
  • The Boyz unit also has the Warboss keyword as well as 5+ FNP with two turns of 5+ invulnerable save.
  • The Beastsnagga Boyz also have the Warboss Keyword with a 6+ FNP and two turns of 5+ invulnerable save.

That is a ton of variety coming at an opponent and just a bunch of weird stuff that might work.  The Boyz can take 2 HQ’s in the unit as long as one is a Warboss and this lets me have a ton of Warbosses on the table.  Also – it is a highlander list and in Texas some events love to see these types of armies.  It would also be a bit less boring to paint as I am working on a ton of unique units.


Waaagh, Waaagh!


Thomas Reidy, aka Goatboy, the ever-evil member of BoLS. I do arts, play 40k, and even paint a lot of stuff. I have been playing Warhammer 40K since the 1990s, and have won multiple national events including Adepticon and GW GTs. I’ve been writing for BoLS for 15 years. Look at my Instagram to see what I am working on – or working on for someone. I am always doing something hobby related.


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