The best boy of Chaos arrives in Total War: Warhammer III next week! Not only that, but he’s free. Because nothing can keep Karanak at bay.

Announced last month, Karanak is coming to Total War: Warhammer III. But he’s coming sooner than you might have thought. Because the hot, triple-layered dog breath of Karanak is hot against the back of your neck. By which we mean he’s coming next week. And knowing Karanak? That means he’s going to be hungry for Wizards. Might be a good time to start up a new Khorne playthrough.

Karanak, if you missed it, will be coming to the game as a free new Legendary Hero starting June 25th. This is part of a big update, and Karanak will bring his magic smelling, power-devouring self to the forefront of any good Khorne army lucky enough to keep him fed with Karanak Snacks. Or is it Karasnaks? Either way, here’s a look at the Hound of Khorne of Hounds of Khorne in action.

Karanak crashes in to Total War: Warhammer III

In the trailer, we see our hound doing what he does best, absolutely ruining a poor wizard’s day. Hounding through time and space, because what are these to a daemon, Karanak closes in for the kill.

And that probably gives us a good idea of what he’ll do in the game. Karanak lives to eat magic, he hates it so much and it tastes so good.

Or, as Lexicanum puts it:

The Blood God unleashes him to search out those who have transgressed his warrior creed or otherwise insulted his immense pride. Each one of his heads is able to track his chosen prey in a different manner. The first head tracks through the physical realm, the second tracks through time, whilst the third is said to track them through the tangled trails of their own minds.

Those who are hunted by Karanak must meet him in battle at some point for he is swift and tireless, never sleeping and anticipating all possible moves of his quarry swiftly. When the hunt is over he returns to his lord’s throne room, leaving the skull with Khorne and retreating to a corner to devour the rest of the corpse.

Look for Karanak on June 25th! No purchase necessary!



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