Fans of Tomb Raider: Legends The Board Game can become masters of mythology in a butt-kicking Lara Croft closet cosplay worthy of any game night!

My gaming group is full of a bunch of… EXTRA folks. From theater and musical backgrounds,we’re dedicated participants of tabletop, rpg, AND video game spaces. Our game nights can turn into a gorgeous blend of gaming, role playing, and soft, relaxed cosplays. We love to blend the theatrical into our tabletop game nights. Here’s an easy example. If you think of ‘iconic videogame heroines’ worthy of role playing, top of my list is Lara Croft. Since 1996, Lara Croft has been raiding tombs and sparking a love of archeology worthy of Indiana Jones.

Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game

If you’re gearing up to dive into the challenges of Tomb Raider Legends The Board Game on your next game night, I challenge you to go the extra mile. The game is about hunting for hidden artifacts, with Lara in her classic garb. Put together your own Tomb Raider cosplay ideas, and enhance your game night!

Original character art of Lara Croft from the original Tomb Raider game.
Lara Croft- Tomb Raider concept art

Lara Croft is known for her witty repartee and a wealth of knowledge of the historical and mythological, as well as her noble pedigree. (And for her wealth, period). Her in-game clap-backs are legendary. Likewise, cosplaying Lara is a prize of cosplay culture. We’ve put together this list of easily accessible online purchases to make your Lara Croft cosplay come to life!

Square Enix Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game

If you’re a fan of Lara’s adventures and want to try something more tactile, check out the Square Enix official game. A great addition to your game closet.


Lara Croft Closet Cosplay: The Tank

Though Lara has had many looks over the decades, my favorite has always been her first- the classic tank, shorts, and boots look. A green tank top or bodysuit is easy enough to come by, but this is closet cosplay- we can stretch the boundaries a bit. Whether you want to find a piece specifically for a Lara Croft cosplay or you want additional pieces that are versatile for everyday wear, this list has some great pieces to get you there.

Fitted green tank  for Lara Croft Closet Cosplay

The iconic jade green fitted tank is great for a photo-real Lara cosplay look. You can use it for a variety of daily purposes as well, but it reads strong and is exactly what you expect to see from the games. Get this tank here:

Green tank, loose fitted,  for Lara Croft Closet Cosplay

If you aren’t a fan of clingy, body-fitting fabrics, this is a better option for you. It’s the right color, but the looser fit is going to be comfortable and more forgiving for different body shapes. Either way, the tank top is an easy staple to have in your closet for a Lara Croft closet cosplay.


Lara Croft Closet Cosplay: The Shorts

You can’t go marauding through the wilderness and ruins wearing regular street clothes (ok, you COULD, but why would you)? To truly pull off a Lara Croft look, you gotta go tactical. Something versatile, durable, flexible, and BREATHABLE is necessary for all those flips, slides, and dungeon crawls. We’re focusing on the tactical short for this closet cosplay build.

Tactical shorts  for Lara Croft Closet Cosplay

Tactical shorts? Tactical shorts. These have it all, and THEN some—they are the Swiss Army knife of cosplays. Not only can you use these for your cosplay (and they come in a variety of colors, which is groovy), but they are also great for real-life hiking, climbing, camping, and other purposes. Plus, who doesn’t love a tactical short?

3. Lara Croft Closet Cosplay: The Combat Boots

Combat boots are pretty self-explanatory. Boots and shoes in general are very personal items, so we won’t go into too much detail here. You can go with any style that suits you for closet cosplay, but if you want something versatile and fashionable, we gotchu covered!

Brown leather side zip fashion boots  for Lara Croft Closet Cosplay

These boots are a really popular style. They go with shorts or pants, or you can dress them up with a skirt for a fancier look. They’ll easily double as a Lara Croft closet cosplay and suit a wide variety of looks.

Lara Croft Closet Cosplay: The Sunglasses

You can’t exude ease and style without a dramatic display piece. Lara is known for her long stares over the rim of her shades, and the iconic red sunglasses are a fantastic accessory to elevate your cosplay. Plus, they just look COOL.


Red lenses on circular black framed sunglasses,  for Lara Croft Closet Cosplay

These sunglasses come in a variety of colors. If you don’t want to commit to the red shades, you can get them in solid black to make them more versatile. The red shades are VERY recognizable as Lara and will elevate this cosplay to the next level.

Lara Croft Closet Cosplay: The Belt

Depending on which era of Lara you’re cosplaying, there are many different belt styles you can use. We’re going with a simple, chic belt that you can wear with multiple outfits.

Black belt with gold buckle for Lara Croft Closet Cosplay

This one is affordable, but the cute T logo stamped on the corner makes for a cheeky tie-in to Lara. For ease of closet cosplay, you can rock any belt in your closet, but if you want something online, this is a great staple piece!

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to go roam the jungle in search of priceless artifacts and adventure.

GIF video games tomb raider tomb raider anniversary - animated GIF on GIFER  - by Sirasius

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